PATIENT OF THE WEEK *Johnnie Jeanes*

Jeanes  Johnnie preop

Many patients want to hear from other patients. One way of achieving this is to highlight patients in our new ‘Patient of the Week’ blog. Time allowing we will ask many of you to share with fellow patients some of your keys to success.

Club New You (CNY) Are you happy that you had bariatric surgery?
JJ “Absolutely!”

CNY Would you recommend this to your friends and family?
JJ “Yes”

CNY Have you told your friends that you have had surgery and what do they think about it?
JJ “Yes – most are very supportive. They’ve been amazed and so have I!!”

CNY Which procedure did you choose to have and why?
JJ “Lap Band. I wanted a minimally invasive surgery with less potential complications. I also didn’t want to lose too fast.”

CNY What is the hardest lifestyle change that you have had to deal with?
JJ “Changing my pace at the dinner table. I used to rush and always eat too much. Now I pace myself.”

CNY Are there any foods that you have trouble eating?
JJ “Lots of bread at one time is a NO-NO!!”

CNY What foods, if any, do you miss eating?
JJ “I do miss garlic bread the most, but I know it’s a temporary craving that will go away, so I make the choice to eat other things.”

CNY What types of activities do you do for your exercise?
JJ “Zumba (I love it!) 3 times a week and weight 3 times a week.”

CNY Any words of wisdom for our present patients or for people thinking about surgery?
JJ “Don’t rely on the band to do everything. Make good choices and get active somehow. Classes like zumba or aerobics are fun and can make exercise fun. Also, use the saucer plate to help gauge your portions. Always get to-go plates or share with someone else when eating out. Eat your saucer portion and wrap the rest of it up in the to-go box. Don’t miss your doctor’s appointments!! They help you keep your focus!

CNY Thanks Johnnie! Keep up the good work!

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