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Many patients want to hear from other patients. One way of achieving this is to highlight patients in our new ‘Patient of the Week’ blog. Time allowing we will ask many of you to share with fellow patients some of your keys to success.

Club New You (CNY) Are you happy that you had bariatric surgery?
Angela “ABSOLUTELY! I wouldn’t take a million dollars to reverse it! Best decision I’ve ever made!”

CNY Would you recommend this to your friends and family?
Angela “YES! And I have! Once my secretary saw my success, she had the surgery (and is doing GREAT!). Now I’m working on my sister!

CNY Have you told your friends that you have had surgery and what do they think about it?
Angela “My husband and one supporting friend was all I told until after surgery because I heard lots of negativity. Now I have bragging rights and I tell EVERYONE!”

CNY Which procedure did you choose to have and why?
Angela “After doing lots of research and attending two bariatric surgery seminars, I felt the Lap Band was the best choice for me.”

CNY What is the hardest lifestyle change that you have had to deal with?
Angela “Eating slower and not finishing everything on my plate.”

CNY Are there any foods that you have trouble eating?
Angela “Mostly chicken”.

CNY What foods, if any, do you miss eating?
Angela “Diet Coke/carbonated beverages but after a while I got used to it and now I’m addicted to Sonic (unsweetened) tea!”

CNY What types of activities do you do for your exercise?
Angela “Mostly walk/run – I ran my first 5K Mother’s Day weekend with my daughter 7 months after surgery – and I survived!! And it felt AWESOME!”

CNY Any words of wisdom for our present patients or for people thinking about surgery?
Angela “Just do it!! There should be no reason to hold you back! It is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE but it’s the BEST THING in my life that I could have changed – for my health and the way I fell all around! It’s been well worth the effort! As long as you follow Dr. Woodman’s rules, you will be a success too!!”

CNY Thanks Angela! Keep up the good work!

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