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Many patients want to hear from other patients. One way of achieving this is to highlight patients in our new ‘Patient of the Week’ blog. Time allowing we will ask many of you to share with fellow patients some of your keys to success.

Club New You (CNY) Are you happy that you had bariatric surgery?
Margaret (MC) “Most definitely. I’ve had no major problems and feel so much better.”

CNY Would you recommend this to your friends and family?
MC “Yes, I have done so several times.”

CNY Have you told your friends that you have had surgery and what do they think about it?
MC “Yes, whenever anyone comments on my weight loss, I proudly admit to having had surgery, and everyone has been very supportive and encouraging.”

CNY Which procedure did you choose to have and why?
MC “I chose the Lap Band because it was least invasive.”

CNY What is the hardest lifestyle change that you have had to deal with?
MC “Stocking healthy, low-fat foods in the pantry, to avoid reverting to harmful fast-food options.”

CNY Are there any foods that you have trouble eating?
MC “Only dry meats.”

CNY What foods, if any, do you miss eating?
MC “Diet colas, but it hasn’t been too hard to substitute no-cal, non-carbonated drinks.”

CNY What types of activities do you do for your exercise?
MC “Treadmill and walking.”

CNY Any words of wisdom for our present patients or for people thinking about surgery?
MC “If one is ready to commit to major life changes, surgery is an excellent tool to help with the process. You must be willing to do the work and stay with the program, but you will be so glad you did. I have this quote taped to my refrigerator: ‘There is nothing that tastes as good as skinny feels’.”

CNY Thanks Margaret! Keep up the good work!

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