Baptist Weight Loss Center helps Memphis couple lose 280 pounds

The Turning Point: Christopher and Julia Trundle Take Control of Their Health

In the spring of 2013, Christopher and Julia Trundle realized they needed to change and take control of their health. With three active children to care for – a 9-year-old girl and 5-year-old twins – they knew they had to start living healthier and more active lifestyles if they wanted to be able to keep up. So, they decided to research bariatric surgery options in pursuit of a healthier life.

A New Beginning

When May of 2013 rolled around, Christopher and Julia took the plunge and underwent bariatric surgery with Dr. George Woodman at the Baptist Weight Loss Center in Memphis. From there, the couple began an entirely new lifestyle. They stopped consuming carbonated beverages and started eating healthy, low-sugar, high-protein diets. They also became members at their local YMCA and got involved in running and other sports activities. Christopher went as far as joining a men’s basketball league.

Passing Down Healthy Habits

The Trundles have three kids, so teaching them healthy eating habits was of the utmost importance. Luckily, the children weren’t picky eaters and were more than willing to enjoy the same foods as their parents. With this new way of life, the Trundles quickly noticed improvements in their health. Before the surgery, Christopher was on medications for high cholesterol and blood pressure, but these medications are no longer necessary due to his weight loss. Their frequent sicknesses have all but disappeared thanks to their clean eating habits.

The Results Speak For Themselves

About 18 months after their surgery, Christopher has lost 155 pounds and Julia has shed 125 pounds! It’s been an incredible journey for the family of five, with no excuses made along the way. Even more amazing is that Julia has reportedly referred multiple people to Dr. Woodman based on her satisfactory results.

Reaching Out For Help

At Baptist Memorial Health Care, many services within the Baptist Weight Loss Center aim to help long-term weight loss. RENEW is a healthy living program that combines personal training, nutrition counseling, and psychological aid to manage stress and emotional triggers. There’s also Club Get Fit: A family-based weight management program that assists with healthy lifestyle choices. Along with this, dietitians and nutritionists are available to help customize meal plans and realistically set goals for getting healthy. The hospital additionally offers a Healthy Living Support Group dedicated to helping patients become successful in their mission for better health.


Christopher and Julia’s success story is a testament to the power of commitment and determination when it comes to improving one’s health. Through hard work, dedication, and support from the right people, anything is possible. The Trundles are proof that with a positive mindset and the right resources, you too can achieve your dream of becoming healthier and happier!


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