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First and Foremost Dr. Woodman & his team were AMAZING to me from start to finish! He is very straightforward, but he wants to make sure you’re ready for the... read more

Mardavia Williamson Avatar Mardavia Williamson

My experience here has been great, everyone is willing to help and assist with your needs, I've had no problems since day 1 thanks for everything.

alicia Dorris Avatar alicia Dorris

Changed my life forever!!!! Thank you so much Dr. Woodman!

Cabe Sala Avatar Cabe Sala

It is with pleasure and joy that I submit this REVIEW! Dr. George Woodman saved my vitality, however, I must say that Dr. Woodman is stern, tough, and at times... read more

Sheliah Diana Avatar Sheliah Diana

Great experience from start to finish. Dory and Debra are 2 of the most delightful and caring people I have ever dealt with in any medical office setting. ... read more

Preston&Jessica Clowney Avatar Preston&Jessica Clowney

Excellent doctor. Very straight forward and to the point. Definitely expert in his field.

Marcus Jones Avatar Marcus Jones

Dr. Woodman is AMAZING and his staff. I love the fact that he is straight to the point and I love the saying you’re either going to be on the... read more

Keyonna Bush Avatar Keyonna Bush

I've always loved coming to my appointments. The staff is always so kind and greets you with a smile. Dr. Woodman changed my life and I never have a bad... read more

cailey simmons Avatar cailey simmons

I Love the whole Crew and Dr.woodman ! They are like family to me . My life has been change forever ! Dr. Woodman and his staff go above... read more

Marcus Rodgers Avatar Marcus Rodgers

Dr. Woodman and his team are really amazing! They have been extremely helpful and supportive throughout my journey and I appreciate all of their hardwork and help. I couldn't have... read more

Courtney Jones Avatar Courtney Jones

My experience thus far has been top shelf. My original weight was 296. Surgery day I was 284. 1 week after surger Im now 268. Chugging along. I want to... read more

david higdon Avatar david higdon

Dr. Woodman and his staff are Awesome! They've made my VSG journey so much easier by being as detailed as they are and open to answer any questions or concerns... read more

Michelle Sutton Avatar Michelle Sutton

Attempting to make an appointment for a few days. Called this morning, spoke to a lady that asked for my information and told me to hold. Another lady came to... read more

Jei Xi Ka Avatar Jei Xi Ka

Honestly, I’m thankful for the Staff at Midsouth Bariatric, I’m just a few days from being a month out for my surgery and I’m already seeing a difference, Everyone From... read more

Brandy James Avatar Brandy James

Dr. Woodman and staff are very detailed and prompt to answer any questions. I was explained each phase thoroughly and what to expect. The experience before and after surgery exceeded... read more

jacqueline blalock Avatar jacqueline blalock

This is awesome place. The doctor and staff are always friendly and willing to help in any way. I owe my successful weight loss journey to them.

Tina Hartsfield Avatar Tina Hartsfield

Dr Woodman and his staff are wonderful. No waiting. I have lost 100% of my weight 9 months after my surgery. My only regret is I did not do the... read more

Deborah Cronan Avatar Deborah Cronan

The rudest staff ever and can’t get no assistance and no health records after 7 yrs since this doctor did my surgery and I nearly died and the lady still... read more


Very informative, they really want me to succeed with my weight loss

Olivia Jones Avatar Olivia Jones

Talks down to patients and treats them like absolute trash

Sheila McGee Avatar Sheila McGee

I’ve had nothing but great service with Dr.Woodman and his staff. His staff works hard and are great. Dr.Woodman is truthful about diet and exercise and what it takes to... read more

Robert Bell Avatar Robert Bell

Dr. Woodman and his staff were supportive and helpful during my weight loss journey. Dr. Woodman is a first class surgeon. If you are serious about losing weight, I highly... read more

Darrel McNeely Avatar Darrel McNeely

Dr. Woodman is a very good surgeon and an excellent individual that truly cares about is patients. Everything from surgery start to finish was a breeze without any complications up... read more

Veronica L Seldon Avatar Veronica L Seldon

I started out at 326 pounds I have always been over weighted but never seen 300pounds I went though a bad point in my life that I begin to relay... read more

Cece Pittman Avatar Cece Pittman

Dr Woodman and staff are right on point for weight loss ! I had gastric sleeve procedure as tool to aid me in my weight loss journey. Best thing I... read more

Barry Jones Avatar Barry Jones

Dr. Woodman is a great doctor, he is very thorough and explains everything that you will go through before and after surgery. His program is very successful as long as... read more

Crystal Lumpkin Avatar Crystal Lumpkin

It was a pleasure meeting Dr. Woodman. He gave me a reality check the first time I met him. My procedure (gastric sleeve) along with my healthy lifestyle change has... read more

Tia Jones Avatar Tia Jones

Dr. Woodman and his staff are very efficient in what they do. Dr. Woodman is a no nonsense dr who takes you getting your health together seriously, you may not... read more

Shayy Turner Avatar Shayy Turner

“Dr. George Woodman and his staff have saved my life. Two years ago I was miserable and weight more than 350 pounds. After having gastric bypass surgery last year I am now well under 200 and have a new lease on life. Thank you Dr. Woodman.” – Leslie H

I am grateful to the care I received by Dr. Woodman and staff. – Danielle

My life has changed forever thanks to Dr. George Woodman and his program at Baptist Hospital. I can do things that I haven’t done since I was a teenager! – D Robinson

What an amazing experience! Of course I was scared but Dr. Woodman was such an expert that he put me at ease and was extremely thorough. I was prepared and now 1 years later literally a new person. Thank you Dr. Woodman! – Joleen M

Having surgery was one of the best decisions of my life. Dr. Woodman has operated on many of my colleagues, and they all recommended him and his team. I have a sleeve just about a year ago and am down to my college weight and feel great. Thank you Dr. Woodman! PS he always tells me that I did all the hard work and although I know that’s somewhat true, he did most of the work I think! – Adam S

So far I’ve lost 150 pounds and gained so many years of my life back I think. I feel great! – Jose R

Wasn’t sure where to turn but my friend had surgery by Dr. George Woodman at Methodist Germantown Hospital and did great so I went to a seminar and the rest is history. As well as most of my weight. He did a gastric bypass on me and gave me other options but I chose the bypass. I haven’t had one problem. Highly recommend the team and Dr. Woodman! – Yvonne M

Simply the best decision I have ever made. – R Jackson

I will be forever grateful for the care I received by Dr. Woodman. – Carol S

I feel great and would do it again. It was a little rough the first couple days but since then I followed Dr. Woodman’s instructions and haven’t had a single problem. Highly recommend. – Monica D

Very happy! I went to a different program at St Francis at first but never saw a doctor and felt like nothing was being explained. Dr. Woodman makes sure you understand your instructions and literally goes over and over them so you feel like you are comfortable and can do it. I had the sleeve and recommend it highly. I have referred at least a dozen people already. – Sarah Z

The gastric sleeve was the tool I needed to turn my weight loss failures into success. I am satisfied with small amounts of food and Dr. Woodman taught me how to choose properly. I feel prepared to make this long term. Thank you Dr. Woodman and staff. – Rudy T

I can’t believe how good I feel and can’t believe how terrible I used to eat! It’s incredible how good I feel and how little I really need. No doubt that Dr. George Woodman and his team helped me immensely. I want to say thank you! – Catherine C

I wish I would have done this years ago. What was I waiting for???? I’m very happy I decided to go through with it. – Maggie J

My life is so much better. More energy and higher quality of life. – Kathy K

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