Fast Track Program

Learn How to FAST TRACK Your Surgery with Midsouth Bariatrics FAST TRACK program!

When you are ready to change your life – you want it to happen fast!

The Midsouth Bariatrics Fast Track program means that a patient may be able to have surgery within 2-4 weeks of their decision to pursue surgical weight loss.

Qualification Criteria

Patients who may qualify for the FAST TRACK program will generally need to meet these criteria:

  • PREAPPROVED. If you are already approved through your health insurance provider and have a written preapproval (after a workup from another practice). Note: do not try to send a letter to your insurance company without our assistance.
  • CASH PAY OPTION. If you are going to pay for surgery ‘out of pocket’ or planning on having the procedure financed, we can help guide and expedite you through the process.
  • Complete preoperative workup as specified by our office (or completed elsewhere) and be determined by our office to be an appropriate candidate
  • The well-qualified patient meets the criteria for surgery set forth by the American Society for Bariatric Surgery (ASBS)
  • The well-qualified patient is one who has done significant research into their weight loss options, has tried and failed other ‘non-surgical’ weight loss programs, and is ready to make significant lifestyle changes to ‘help themselves’ reach their weight loss goals. The decision to proceed with surgery is not one that is taken lightly.
  • Patients who are not qualified to pursue bariatric surgery are those who have not made significant efforts to learn about their weight loss options, have not faithfully tried ‘non-surgical’ weight loss programs, and those individuals who are not ready to make lifestyle changes.
  • Patients should discuss any possible surgery with their primary care physicians.
  • The 30-day FAST TRACK process starts after your initial office visit.

If you meet the above criteria and are ready to make the next step towards surgical weight loss, call or email us, and we will get you started on our FAST TRACK PROGRAM!


Patients who are excluded from the FAST TRACK PROGRAM:

  • Do not meet criteria for surgery set forth by the ASBS
  • Have an insurance carrier that requires a preoperative diet program that has not yet been completed.
  • Patients requiring prolonged preoperative workups and consultations for significant co-morbid conditions.

If you don’t qualify for our FAST TRACK PROGRAM, you may still be an excellent candidate for surgery. Most patients will require a more prolonged workup to ensure they are ready for surgical weight loss. Be patient! We will help you every step of the way!

The general FAST TRACK PROGRAM is streamlined but mirrors our standard workup process and includes the following steps designed to help prepare you for surgery:

  • Attend an informational seminar (given every 5 days)
  • Gather your information and medical records
  • Review your insurance policy
  • Initial office visit
  • Fulfill requirements and testing that are needed
  • Insurance approval or financing
  • Educational meetings (nutrition and psychological) – These meetings are designed to ensure that you are ready to proceed with surgery and have adequate knowledge of the lifestyle changes required to succeed with your weight loss goals.
  • Preoperative meeting and further education with your surgeon

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