Club New You

Club New You (CNY) is a multidisciplinary program formed by Dr. George Woodman and Midsouth Bariatrics to help fight obesity. It has been recognized as a CENTER OF EXCELLENCE in the field of bariatric surgery. Within the scope of Club New You, a patient has access to:

  1. Doctors and nurses that specialized in weight loss
  2. Surgical Options for weight loss
  3. Nutritional education and support
  4. Psychological education and support
  5. Life Coach access
  6. Support groups meet regularly to address important issues
  7. Kelley’s Kitchen and individual meal planning
  8. Other information-sharing opportunities, such as Facebook and email

CNY is a group of tools designed to help patients change to healthier lifestyles. Patients will have access to these tools once they are integrated into our program. The use of all of these tools is encouraged, and patients who routinely attend support meetings and use these tools are more likely to reach their weight loss goals than those that do not follow these guidelines.

A New You Is Just Around the Corner

Weight Loss Surgery - when diet & exercise aren't enough.

  • Most Experienced Program in the Midsouth.
  • Affordable Self-pay Costs and Most Insurance Policies Accepted.
  • Attend a Free Informational Seminar to Start the Process.
  • Director of the Centers of Excellence at Both Baptist Memphis and Methodist Germantown