Pathway to Surgery

With more than 12 years of experience in bariatric surgery, our experience, outcomes, dedicated office staff, support group network, and active post-surgery aftercare make us the preferred center for bariatric surgery in the Midsouth. We are recognized as a Center of Excellence in bariatric surgery by the Surgical Review Committee (SRC).

The typical pathway is as follows:

  1. Attend one of our free informational seminars (see the calendar of events)
  2. Review your personal insurance policy (confirm bariatric coverage) or financing
  3. Gather your information
  4. Initial office evaluation
  5. Fulfill requirements (this generally includes nutritional and psychological evaluations and medical clearance, and other insurance-based requirements depending on your policy)
  6. Await insurance approval or financing
  7. Preoperative education and scheduling of surgery

We understand the insurance approval process can be a challenging experience. One key focus of Midsouth Bariatrics is to provide you with the assistance needed to navigate the approval process successfully.

We are providers for most insurance plans. Insurance benefits and criteria for weight loss surgery can vary greatly by plan and by an employer. We will verify benefits and criteria specific to your plan. Most insurance companies base their criteria on the NIH guidelines:

  1. BMI of 40 or greater
  2. BMI of 35-40 with significant co-morbidity
  3. Documented previous dietary attempts have been ineffective
  4. Multi-disciplinary team approach (surgeon)
  5. 3-5 year history of obesity

A New You Is Just Around the Corner

Weight Loss Surgery - when diet & exercise aren't enough.

  • Most Experienced Program in the Midsouth.
  • Affordable Self-pay Costs and Most Insurance Policies Accepted.
  • Attend a Free Informational Seminar to Start the Process.
  • Director of the Centers of Excellence at Both Baptist Memphis and Methodist Germantown