Allurion Technologies’ Elipse™ Intragastric Balloon Receives Prestigious SAGES Innovation Award

Elipse: Changing the Fight against Overweight and Obesity

Allurion Technologies announced today that its flagship product, Elipse, was selected to receive the prestigious Emerging Technology Innovation Award from the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES). This award recognizes Elipse as an innovative tool in reducing overweight and obesity, without the traditional costs and invasiveness of surgery, endoscopy, or anesthesia.

The Power of Procedureless Intragastric Ballooning

Elipse is the world’s first procedureless™ intragastric balloon—it is placed and removed without surgery, endoscopy or anaesthesia. Following recent European Union CE marking, Elipse is now available in the UK, Italy, and France. Allurion plans for commercial expansion within Europe, and in the Middle East are underway. While Elipse is not yet approved by the FDA, it has been met with a promising response by medical professionals and consumers alike.

Unprecedented Success

The impressive capabilities of Elipse have already been demonstrated in clinical studies among individuals with a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 27 and 40. These studies showed an average weight loss of 10 kilograms (22 pounds), with participants losing 39 percent of their excess weight and 8 centimeters from their waist circumference. Perhaps most promisingly, participants also saw improvements in their triglycerides, hardness of blood vessels, HbA1c (HbA1c), and quality of life.

Making a Difference

Allurion Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Shantanu Gaur shared his enthusiasm for receiving SAGES’ Emerging Technology Innovation Award: “We are honored that our novel approach to weight loss has been recognized by the physicians of SAGES. This award emphasizes our momentum as we expand awareness and bring Elipse to more consumers.” Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Wecker agreed, adding that “the medical community has been looking for innovative tools like Elipse to aid in the fight against overweight and obesity without sacrificing cost and invasiveness.”

Although Elipse is currently only available outside of the United States, Allurion continues its mission to provide a groundbreaking solution to those struggling with overweight and obesity worldwide. With their eye on success, Allurion Technologies is excited to be making history today.


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