FDA Approves Non-Surgical Solution ORBERA™ To Assist Patients With Weight Loss

Solutions for Weight Loss: FDA Approves Non-Surgical Option ORBERA™

Obesity has been a major issue in the United States, affecting more than 78.6 million adults and leading to an estimated $147 billion in medical costs. With obesity rates expected to climb even further in the future, it is becoming increasingly important to find solutions that can help those suffering from this condition. Thankfully, we now have the FDA-approved ORBERA™ Intragastric Balloon as a non-surgical option that can assist adult patients with weight loss.

The Promise of ORBERA™

ORBERA™ offers a promising new solution to those who are not suitable for or considering invasive surgery but still wish to lose weight. A deflated balloon is inserted into the stomach through a non-surgical endoscopic procedure that takes around 20-30 minutes and does not require any incisions. It is then inflated until it is approximately the size of a grapefruit and remains there for about 6 months. During this time, the patient can generally go about their daily life without disrupting their routine. After the 6 month period, the balloon is then removed in another non-surgical procedure under mild sedation.

Dr. Marina Kurian, Chair of SAGES Endoscopic Bariatric Task Force and Bariatric Surgeon at New York University Langone Medical Center, spoke positively about ORBERA™ when she said, “In light of the obesity epidemic, it’s promising to see such innovative weight loss solutions like ORBERA™ being made available to patients suffering from obesity who are not appropriate for or considering invasive surgery.”

ORBERA™ provides an excellent alternative for those looking for a sensible weight loss solution that doesn’t involve surgery and can provide long-term results. It is an exciting development that could theoretically help countless Americans suffering from obesity regain control of their lives.

“Obesity is a chronic disease and the development of new, minimally invasive solutions, can possibly help stem this epidemic by treating patients before their disease progresses and requires further invasive procedures,” said Dr. Matthew Kroh, co-chair of SAGES Endoscopic Bariatric Task Force and Director of Surgical Endoscopy at the Cleveland Clinic. “Though intragastric balloons offer a non-surgical treatment option for patients, different than current therapies, they should always be offered in a comprehensive bariatric care center with proper patient follow up and dietary guidance to promote the best outcomes,” added Dr. Kroh.

Interventional endoscopists can place the ORBERA™ Intragastric Balloon System in an outpatient setting. This device provides an innovative and effective way to treat obesity with minimal invasiveness. For those seeking a primary treatment for their weight struggles, or a bridge to safer laparoscopic surgery, ORBERA™ could be the answer.

How it Works

The intragastric balloon is designed to stay in place for six months, helping patients achieve and maintain their desired weight loss. During this time, they are encouraged to remain in a structured diet and nutrition program, in order to ensure that the lost weight stays off once the balloon is removed. ORBERA™ is approved for use in obese patients who have experienced unsuccessful attempts at weight loss and have a body mass index (BMI) of 30-40.

SAGES Guidelines

In 2008, the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) issued Guidelines for Clinical Application of Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery. This series of statements was designed to assist physicians and patients in making informed decisions about using laparoscopic surgery to treat obesity. The guidelines are available on SAGES’ website.


Weight loss can be a difficult journey, but one that can lead to greater health and wellbeing in the long term. ORBERA™ is one option that may help individuals take back control of their health by providing an easier pathway than traditional bariatric surgery. For more information, please visit www.ORBERA.com and http://www.sages.org/publications/guidelines/guidelines-for-clinical-application-of-laparoscopic-bariatric-surgery/.

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